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On 1st August 2011 the Sydney Chinese Consul General accepted my letter. Time passes, without response from China. A clear message to All of the Chinese lack of concern for an (ANY) Australian's Legal Rights. Consequently my campaign has escalated..
My other letter to Chinese Ambassador Canberra 13.9.2011 remains unanswered. Typical response.


19th MARCH 2012
Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Senator Hon. Joe Ludwig responded to a letter sent to a Member of Parliament on 31st January 2012. Part response follows:

International trade rules and treaties that Australia has signed do not allow us or our trading partners to impose unjustifiable barriers to trade.
....Australia cannot expect other countries to accept our farm produce if we are not prepared to import their agricultural and food products .....

DAFF Biosecurity (formerly Australian Quarantine and Inspections Services) under the Imported Food Control Act 1992 enforces the code as food enters Australia. Importers meet the cost of testing the food.

I have not been given any assurance that all China Food and Medicine imports are being tested. How many tea products are tested, prawns and fish, vegetable and meat products? What army of Testers do we have in Australia? Larger than our Military? It is fine to say that DAFF Biosecurity enforces the code It cannot be expected that any assurance will be accepted without providing any data of items tested. Our Agencies can only perform at the best level allowed by resources given to it.

I am unable to say if the lack of China Authorities to meet Standards is a justifiable barrier to trade. The Australian Federal Government supports trade with China and passes the cost and associated risks of importing food and medicines on to Australians.

Consequently as at 22nd March 2012 the call for a Ban on China Food and Medicine Imports has ceased. However, a public awareness campaign will continue urging Australians to consider, very carefully, if they should buy China Food and Medicines will continue in its stead.

Chinese Government remains powerless to interfere with the ongoing campaign against the import of China Food and Medicines.

Chris Jones
Thursday 22nd March 2012

(This has been conveyed by email 28.1.2012 to the Chinese Ambassador, Canberra. chinaemb_au@mfa.gov.cn)

This article has been distributed worldwide since Friday 10th February 2012
Ban unsafe Chinese food and medicine imports | Independent Australia

If anyone had told me, in 2007, that I would be initiating a global attack on the Chinese Government on Australia Day in 2012 I would have said they were mad. On Australia Day 26th January 2012 the first major engagement began.
The precipitating factor behind this unbridled attack and the wounds caused to the Chinese Government is the Shenhe District Peoples Court illegal civil court case created by corrupt officials in 1998. Such a small thing in the World to bring such ill repute and loss to China measuring far greater than the cash value of the Case. China has made a mountain out of its own molehill.
They caused world headlines with their restrictions on Weibo because of “lies and misinformation” circulated, against the sensitive Chinese Government, within that Chinese mainland social network. I have no need of Weibo and see very little on the Internet originating from Weibo. China consistently makes world headlines for its detention of artists, poets, Legal Rights and Human Rights activists and Lawyers. They draw public criticism from the United Nations and all corners of the globe. China protests that it has human rights and they are not at fault but the “anti-Chinese” reporters are! No sense is nonsense and China has much of that and so many mountains they have built from molehills.

In this current campaign, who bares the responsibility for the damage to China? China Authorities, I expect, would say I do because I defame China. The culprits are the Liaoning Province Courts, the Chinese Government and the National Peoples Congress.  It was the Courts who created the illegal court case and did not settle it when they had the gifted opportunity in 2010. The Government who supported the Courts and did nothing. Finally, the National People’s Congress, who control the Courts and exercised no power over them.  They collectively are 100.0% accountable. 

The Chinese Authorities either lack understanding of democracy and freedom or do not exercise the understanding they may have. How happy they were during the recent Wall Street protests with so many Americans protesting against their Government. Those world headline-grabbing protests were a victory for Democracy and shouted to the World the rights of the people to demonstrate and agitate for change, acting within the Law. China has nothing to shout or even whisper about.

With their huge misunderstanding and undervaluing of Justice and Democracy they overlooked their Achilles heel. The Petitioner, who they continue to wrong so badly, is not a Chinese national under the suppressive and lawless control of China, but an Australian enjoying Rights and Freedom. They have collectively fallen on their own sword and, as the first wave of the first campaign against China continues to swell, so does damage to China.
I will not dwell here on the unpleasant experiences I had during my six months in China in 2010. I am still adding to my Blog commenced in July 2011 – http://chineselegalrights.blogspot.com. Two Australians, without support, faced many challenges attempting to resolve this 1998 illegal civil court case. In China, we came against a wall of deliberate obstruction and lies. The successful prosecution of claims, made by Petitioners, is measured in the thousands while their claims are in the many millions. How can Petitioners, without Rights or Power, expect to succeed in a system so full of corrupt officials and where Law keepers are Law breakers? They also face risk to their personal liberty, physical assault and mental abuse.  The Petitioners are not criminals, they are ordinary Chinese with unresolved claims. It is that black underworld that the Shenhe District Peoples Court, Shenyang, pushed me into.
Shenyang Court Officials openly laughed at our many, many failed attempts to see senior Court Officials. Government and Communist Party Officials ignored all written correspondence requesting action against the corrupt officials and to settle the illegal court case. A Court Official, driving a black Audi with no number plates attempted to run my wife down inside Shenyang City Court precinct. The Courts moved from one criminal act to another of a higher level. There is no Law for ordinary Chinese.

At the end of our six months visit to China, as we waited for our flight to leave for Australia, an Official rang to tell us to provide the Court with a Notarised copy of my wife’s passport to prove that she was a foreigner. All subsequent attempts to contact Chinese Officials, including those made through the Chinese Embassy in Canberra and Sydney Consulate, failed. No communication has been received from China.  This mute statement is their position regarding the Legal Rights of an Australian and their support for an illegal Court.
Our continuing fight for settlement of the 1998 illegal civil court case is a separate and more personal issue and we will continue to demonstrate until my wife’s Life Loss Claim has been settled. My best advice to you is not to go to China. It is the only way to avoid risk to your health, safety and possible liberty.
That is the background to the current campaign against all imported Chinese products intended for human consumption. Had I not gone to China and had the experiences I had I would not have heard  “at ground level” the concerns of ordinary Chinese regarding pollution and their contaminated food supply. I would not have had the need to concern myself with the safety of Australians and the world population (including the billion plus in China) from consuming anything grown or manufactured in China for human consumption. It is not my way to stay quiet on what I consider to be such an important issue. The Chinese Government is powerless to stop protesting International Petitioners seeking Justice and their Rights. China can only build mountains it cannot climb over.

I thank the Shenhe District Peoples Court, particularly, and the other Courts in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China for giving me the opportunity to expose the health risks China exports so freely.

I thank the daughter-in-law of our landlady in Beijing who said, when we were evicted through pressure applied to them by the Police, “If you need food come here. If you need drink come here. If you need rest come here.”
I thank the Shop owner who hugged me to him as I said goodbye, “We are all human." He said, "We are all human.”  

Let no-one forget the good, ordinary people of China. I do not and I cannot.

The following text has been included in emails being sent to Governments, Health Departments, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Police Associations, Worker Unions, Farmers, Newspapers, Television Stations, Business Groups and more, around the world. The purpose is to alert Governments and people of the risk to public health from consuming imported products from China intended for human consumption.  A call is made to ban the import of those products in the interest of public health.    

Article distributed worlwide covers the following text:
Ban unsafe Chinese food and medicine imports | Independent Australia
There has been recent discussion, in Australia regarding the labelling of food products for sale to Australians. Labelling is an excellent method of informing consumers of the food they will consume. Shoppers must be able to understand the label information, otherwise, labelling serves no real purpose other than to satisfy a legal requirement to label products.
In my opinion a more serious threat to the health of consumers remains. It is the food on our supermarket and grocers shelves and where imported product and ingredients come from. We are all aware of the radioactivity threat posed by the damage caused to the Japanese nuclear power station. The full extent of the contamination and its affect on the environment has not been defined and may not be fully understood for years to come. The question is, “How safe are products imported from Japan?” Is it the responsibility of Japan to ensure that any item exported is free of contamination? Is it the responsibility of, in my case, the Australian Government or your Government to ensure that imported Japanese items are safe for consumers?
I examined the labels on a drink bottle, Goulburn Valley Quencher, and the label referring to local and imported products. This is typical of labelling in Australia. Consumers are unable to identify the country of origin of the ingredients. Consumers cannot identify the imported ingredients or their percentage volume of the product. From the labelling on this product I, and no one else, can make an informed decision about the product before they buy and consume it. They buy it because it is on supermarket shelves and consider it to be “safe” for consumption.
In 2010 I spent six months in China but not as a tourist. That experience gave rise to the need delve deeper into Chinese Imports to Australia. The same questions asked above, regarding safety and responsibilities relative to Japanese products, are also pertinent to Chinese products.
Chinese Authorities argued, for a significant interval, that Beijing air was not as polluted as the American Beijing Embassy readings indicated. The American tests detected and measured dangerous pollutants of a much smaller molecular size than that measured by the Chinese. Subsequently USA air pollution level data consistently showed much higher pollution levels than that of the Chinese Authorities. China denied the accuracy of the American data. Many Chinese citizens, however, preferred the American data over the Chinese information. China recently announced that they have improved their measuring methods, on a par with the American tests.
This one of many examples that can be given why we should be cautious of all information coming out of China that has not been verified by independent and reliable sources.  As with all information, we decide that which we are prepared to accept or reject.

Chinese Authorities admit that 10.0% of farming land is contaminated with heavy metals. Personally, I do not accept Chinese Authority information as accurate, honest or reliable. Their admission is aimed at dispelling concerns of widespread pollution by conceding a small percentage of affected land. I do not accept that only 10.0% of their land is polluted because
•           they have not measured pollution of all agricultural land
•           their measuring techniques are flawed
•           they are being dishonest in the interest of China trade and to misinform their citizens.
·                There have been no large scale independent and reliable tests for pollutants or investigation into chemical and hormone use by Chinese producers.
Whose responsibility is it to ensure that exported Chinese Garlic is not grown in contaminated soils?  Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the food we choose to eat and the products that we have not chosen (i.e. has been selected by our restaurants, Hospitals, packaged and processed foods etc.) is safe for consumption?
Chinese Authorities are unable to regulate their farming practices. Ordinary Chinese, generally, have no confidence in locally grown products and more privileged citizens have access to “clean” food produced on land free of contamination and where it is grown under supervision. Contaminated milk grabbed world headlines around the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The Chinese Government kept the scandal secret until after the Olympics and gaoled a woman for advising people over the Internet of the hazard.

It is the Chinese practice to suppress information critical of China, to deny access to independent and reliable  investigators and to misinform enquirers.  As with the USA Beijing Embassy air pollution data,

China will malign any results critical of China, obtained through independent and reliable sources. The USA information forced China to lift its game, albeit, limited to the Beijing locality.
The Chinese Government and authorities are unable to monitor, supervise or administer and regulate food and medicine production. They cannot honestly attest that food and medicine exports are safe. The most cost effective choice for all Governments, in exercising its duty of care for its citizens, is to ban import of all Chinese food products and medicines.
The failure of safe Chinese food production could also be an underlying cause for Chinese Investment in Australian agricultural land and food processing companies to ensure future safe (and cheap) food imports to China.
Then, after banning imports, the Nation is spared the expense of sampling all products imported from China and to confirm that they are safe and conform to local Health standards. It is not practical, economical or possible to sample and test each product. Neither is it feasible to supervise food production and medicine manufacture in China. The health and safety of a Nation’s citizens should not be compromised. Banning Chinese imports is the only safe, practical and cost efficient way to achieve protection.
Food products from China may also be finding their way into countries via sources considered to be safe. Chinese products may be processed with safe products and then imported from a safe supplier as a processed food product.  We may be fooled into thinking that products are safe because of their labelling information and where they were imported from.
I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely,
Chris Jones
I have provided several links below for your further information. You may also see the concerns the Americans have in regard to imported medicines. Please note that the linked information is just the tip of the iceberg. 

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http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/17/exploding-watermelons-chinese-farming Chemical boosters cause noticeable affects. (Other affects not measured) It follows discoveries of the heavy metal cadmium in rice, toxic melamine in milk, arsenic in soy sauce, bleach in mushrooms, and the detergent borax in pork, added to make it resemble beef.)
http://epochtimes.com/gb/12/1/21/n3492983.htm  Chinese Report over pig meat. It is in Chinese but if you can use a browser translator you will see other linked information (bottom left hand corner of page) concerning contaminated food.  A must read.
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http://www.wri.org/publication/content/8414  World Resources Institute – an expansive document highlighting pollution in China
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