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On 1st August 2011 the Sydney Chinese Consul General accepted my letter. Time passes, without response from China. A clear message to All of the Chinese lack of concern for an (ANY) Australian's Legal Rights. Consequently my campaign has escalated..
My other letter to Chinese Ambassador Canberra 13.9.2011 remains unanswered. Typical response.


What is the history behind this attack on China food and medicine imports?

If anyone had told me, in 2007, that I would be initiating a global attack on the Chinese Authorities on Australia Day in 2012, I would have said you are mad. On Australia Day 26th January 2012, the first of several campaigns began.

The precipitating factor behind this action and the wound caused to the Chinese Authorities is the Shenhe District Peoples Court illegal civil court case created by corrupt officials in 1998. Such a small Case has brought ill repute and loss to China. China’s action has made a mountain out of its own molehill.

China caused world headlines with their restrictions on Weibo because of “lies and misinformation” circulated, against the sensitive Chinese Authorities, within that Chinese mainland social network. China consistently makes world headlines for its detention of artists, poets, Legal Rights and Human Rights activists and Lawyers. They draw public criticism from the United Nations and all corners of the globe. China protests that it has human rights and they are not at fault but the “anti-Chinese” reporters are! No sense is nonsense and China has much of that and so many mountains they have built from molehills.
In this current campaign, who bares the responsibility for the damage to China? China Authorities, I expect, would say I do because I defame China. The culprits are the Liaoning Province Courts, the Chinese Authorities and the National People’s Congress.  The Courts created the illegal court case and did not settle it when they had the gifted opportunity in 2010. The Government supports the Courts and does nothing. Finally, the National People’s Congress, who controls the Courts, exercised no power over them.  They collectively are 100.0% accountable.

The Chinese Authorities either lack understanding of democracy and freedom or do not exercise the understanding they may have. How happy they were during the recent Wall Street protests with so many Americans protesting against their Government. Those world headline-grabbing protests were a victory for Democracy and shouted to the World the rights of the people to demonstrate and agitate for change, acting within the Law. China has nothing to shout or even whisper about.

With their huge misunderstanding and undervaluing of Justice and Democracy, they overlooked the rare status of this Petitioner. She is no longer a Chinese national living under the suppressive and lawless control of China, but an Australian enjoying Rights and Freedom. In not recognising and addressing the implications, that came with the changed Nationality, the Central Power of China has fallen on their sword and damaged China. Molehill became a mountain.

I will not dwell here on the unpleasant experiences I had during my six months in China in 2010. I am still adding to my Blog commenced in July 2011 – http://chineselegalrights.blogspot.com. Two Australians, without support, faced many challenges attempting to resolve this 1998 illegal civil court case. In China, we came against a wall of deliberate obstruction and lies. The successful prosecution of the millions of claims, made by Petitioners in China, is measured in the mere thousands. How can Petitioners, without Rights or Power, expect to succeed in a system so full of corrupt officials and where Law keepers are Lawbreakers? They also face risk to their personal liberty, physical assault and mental abuse.  The Petitioners are not criminals; they are ordinary Chinese with unresolved claims. The Shenhe District Peoples Court, Shenyang, pushed me into the black underworld forbidden to foreigners and Journalists.

Shenyang Court Officials openly laughed at our many, many failed attempts to see senior Court Officials. Government and Communist Party Officials ignored all written correspondence and took no action against the corrupt officials or attempted to settle the illegal court case. A Court Official, driving a black Audi with no number plates attempted to run my wife down inside Shenyang City Court precinct. The Courts moved from one criminal act to another of a higher level. There is no Law for ordinary Chinese.

At the end of our six months visit to China, as we waited for our flight to leave for Australia, an Official rang to tell us to provide the Court with a Notarised copy of my wife’s passport to prove that she was a foreigner. All subsequent attempts to contact Chinese Officials, including those made through the Chinese Embassy in Canberra and Sydney Consulate, failed. No communication ever received from China.  This mute statement is confirmation of their support for an illegal Court and disregard for the Legal Rights of an Australian. Australians languish in China gaols without support of Australian Official Observers at their Hearings. China does not allow it other than when delivering the Verdict. China hides as much as it can from the free world. Lawyers now (2012) have to swear allegiance to China to remain registered.

Our continuing fight for settlement of the 1998 illegal civil court case is a separate and more personal issue and we will continue to demonstrate until my wife’s Life Loss Claim is settled. My best advice to you is not to go to China. It is the only way to avoid risk to your health, safety and possible liberty.

That is the background to the current campaign against all imported Chinese products intended for human consumption. Had I not gone to China and had the experiences I had I would not have heard the concerns of ordinary Chinese regarding pollution and their contaminated food supply. I would not have had the need to concern myself with the safety of Australians and the world population (including the billion plus in China) from consuming anything grown or manufactured in China. It is not my way to stay quiet on what I consider such an important issue. The Chinese Government is powerless to stop protesting International Petitioners seeking Justice and their Rights. China can only build mountains it cannot climb.

I thank the Shenhe District Peoples Court, particularly, and the other Courts in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China for giving me the opportunity to expose the health risks China exports so freely.

I thank the daughter-in-law of our landlady in Beijing who said, after our eviction through Police pressure, “If you need food come here. If you need drink, come here. If you need rest come here.”

I thank the Shop owner who hugged me to him as I said goodbye, “We are all human." He said, "We are all human.”

Let no one forget the good, ordinary people of China. I do not and I cannot.

Why a ban on China Food and Medicine Imports into Australia could not succeed

International Trade rules and treaties signed by Australia do not allow us or our trading partners to impose unjustifiable barriers to trade.

How Imported Food is processed when it enters Australia 

Imported foods must meet Australia's safety standards. DAFF Biosecurity (previously Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service- AQIS)  is empowered under the Imported Food Control Act 1922 to enforce the Code and to test the food. Importers meet all costs for testing the food and these costs are included in the end price borne by the consumer. Imports that fail the safety requirements are not approved for sale. (Whether the items are destroyed or returned to there source is yet to be confirmed - 23.3.2012)

Information in support of the need of Public awareness to risks associated with China Food and Medicine

The article, Ban unsafe Chinese food and medicine imports | Independent Australia  provides information to consumers of the risks associated with China food and medicines. Individuals, concerned with health matters, will assess the information and form their own opinion regarding the risk to their health. There can be no doubt that China cannot maintain safe food standards. A mountain of information confirms their inability or desire to address the problem. In Australia I have to consider what physical resource we have (manpower) to check all imported products from China. A look around Supermarket stores shows the vast variety of food and ingredients sourced from China. How many of those items have been tested before they reach the shelves? Buying Australian grown product reduces risks and benefits our economy.

This page is still being written

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