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On 1st August 2011 the Sydney Chinese Consul General accepted my letter. Time passes, without response from China. A clear message to All of the Chinese lack of concern for an (ANY) Australian's Legal Rights. Consequently my campaign has escalated..
My other letter to Chinese Ambassador Canberra 13.9.2011 remains unanswered. Typical response.


ydney Harbour Demonstration - 4th December 2011

Sydney Harbour Demonstration - 4th December 2011

Sydney Harbour and Sydney Town Hall
Demonstration - 
International Human Rights Day 10th December 2011

Day one. Wet and lonely vigil

A very wet Monday 12th December 2011 and photo quality has suffered.

Even though the weather was unwelcoming the opportunity was still made available for Sydney Chinese Consular Staff to have a positive discussion with my wife. Typically, another opportunity lost.

A small queue waits to enter China
These opportunities are running out for Chinese Officials. Many opportunities were also offered and lost in China during 2010.

A photographic record will be maintained here of the opportunities missed by Sydney Consular staff. (A record of this type was not possible in China due to the risk to personal safety in taking photographs around "sensitive" buildings and of "sensitive" subjects - the abuse of Petitioners in China.)  

Same queue.. but now bunching

It is also a record of the disregard China has for the Legal Rights of Australians. Please also refer to the count up at the top of this page for days (and years) already elapsed.

Day two. Weather is better
Longer queue ignoring Falun Gong demonstrator


Tuesday, 13th December 2011

The children's faces have been obscured intentionally. They have no part in the argument with the Chinese Courts and Government. Not until later when they are adult, perhaps.

A Falun Gong supporter confronts people waiting to enter the Chinese Consulate. They demonstrate outside this building every day should you wish to contact them. They have photos to show you and stories to tell.

My wife and Mr. Tang gave the Chinese Government another opportunity for discussion. Another opportunity wasted as the Chinese Government continues to deny the Legal Rights of my wife, Mr. Tang and Miss He. 

I am just here, only metres away. Time for a chat?


Wednesday 14th December 2011

Chinese Consular Staff did not walk across the street to talk to my wife. How effortlessly they squander opportunities and continue to deny an Australian their Legal Rights.

The Chinese Consul General has made no response to our letter given him on 1st August 2011.

Possibly Chinese Officials did not want to get close to the Falun Gong demonstrator (who took the photograph for my wife) demonstrating against the Chinese Government just to the left of the driveway shown in this photo.

Every passing day makes China poorer and poorer for not fixing an illegal civil court case and for denying an Australian their Legal Rights. This record is proof of the disdain the Chinese Government and Courts have for Australian Legal Rights and for their own Laws. They perpetuate the crime... I record the elapsed Time.

We'd both like a chat. About fixing problems.

Thursday, 15th December 2011

Two petitioners demonstrate in Dunblane Street
Camperdown opposite number 39, the Chinese Consulate.

You know I can wear this when I walk around Sydney,
as well?
Another lost opportunity by Chinese Officials to discuss the reason for the demonstration. Another day of denying an Australian their Legal Rights.

Another day confirming the Chinese Government's support for their corrupt and illegal Court Administration.

They emphatically confirm that they deny Legal Rights, within and outside China. The questions for Australians (and others) are.
Who in China has Legal Rights?
No Australian, certainly.
Who, going into China, will have Legal Rights?
No Australian, certainly.

Freedom to wear this cloth banner anywhere, any time
Surprisingly the Sydney Chinese Consular Staff allowed my wife to use their toilet today! The Falun Gong supporter has become our camera ally and assisted in taking some photos for this Blog. So many Chinese are challenged by her presence while they wait to enter the Chinese Consulate. They do not look her in the face. Possibly they are intimidated by the CCTV cameras, part of a highly sophisticated surveillance system,filming everything outside the building. Even a raised eyebrow does not escape the cameras.
The Consulate is usually late to open of a morning.It is hoped that there is a large crowd waiting when Pee Bucket joins the demonstration.

Falun Gong demonstrator is not bowing to China.
She is reading a paper behind her banner.
(My wife) I'm watching you (China) watching me.


Friday, 16th December 2011

An early, light drizzle did not dampen my wife's resolve to continue her demonstration for her Legal Rights and for resolution of the illegal 1998 civil court case.

Relax. It is a photo session not a firing squad.
Falun Gong demonstrator's banner goes up and
Chinese flag seems to go into hiding.
Hu Jintao made public statements, not so long ago, that the Government was cracking down on corrupt officials. It would appear that as the words travelled further and further from his lips they lost all power. I did offer a Plan to reduce Corruption, significantly, but apparently my assistance is not needed. No contact from the Chinese Government about that or anything else.

I read reports where the Government was cracking down on Officials who were using Official cars for private use. I'm sure ordinary Chinese were not impressed with that news! Such a "heavy" crackdown on corruption.
Westerner arrives amused by the frenzy of camera
shutter releases
An interesting bunch of people in Dunblane Street, Camperdown today. Apart from my wife and the Falun Gong demonstrator who, bless her cotton socks, took more photos for us. A Westerner joined the queue waiting to get inside the Consulate. If only he had talked to my wife, perhaps, he would've considered going to Taiwan instead. The Government there is more friendly and observes Legal Rights.

She heard familiar words and phrases amongst the waiting assembly and tried to identify the Northerners. But they all ignored her, this strange woman (to them) standing outside the Chinese Consulate in Sydney.. with a banner, no less! Such a cool reception makes me wonder if these people were officials of sorts and that is why they wanted photos taken under the plaque on the wall. Perhaps they also got the Chinese Flag fluttering above their heads. Such bliss, to travel so far for such a photographic occasion. And no need to ask permission to take photos of this sensitive building, either.

Their experience of our Freedom must be wonderful?
WTF. The Westerner cannot believe his eyes
The waiting throng's ignorance was not discriminatory. They also ignored the Falun Gong demonstrator.

My wife photographed a plane coming in to land at Kingsford Smith Airport. It had no open bomb bay doors and posed no threat to the Consulate.

Pee Bucket will visit Dunblane Street and salute the Consulate, appropriately. Hail Chinese Petitioners everywhere! Hail Pee Bucket!

Meanwhile, while nothing is done to resolve the problem, the Chinese Government and their corrupt and illegal Court Administration sinks deeper into a fowl mire of their own making. Can anyone argue with that?

I only report here what I see and hear.
Photographs are taken.. of Chinese taking photographs
No bomb bay doors on this plane to worry Chinese
Consulate Staff
My wife keeps the Consulate under surveillance.

Symbolic loading of the IPONU pee bucket

Friday 23rd December 2011

Chinese Sydney Consulate
39 Dunblane Street
Camperdown NSW
My wife adds her symbolic load to the IPONU
pee bucket
There is room for a wee bit more.....
In Beijing in 2010 I had placed our new, empty pee bucket on my head and saluted the Letters and Visits Office building with it. At that time it was a gesture of defiance and a return of the crap Chinese Officials had so generously heaped on us while we sought settlement of the 1998 illegal civil court case.
In Australia and on our turf in 2011 it seemed fitting that we should return the "crap". The Sydney Chinese Consulate made no response to our letter of 1st August 2011, requesting their help, and so became a deserving and exposed, conveniently located target for the douching.
I give China back the crap they gave to my wife and I
in 2010
In China my wife and I were far more vulnerable than the Sydney Consulate standing as it does on protected ground in Australia. It is protected by NSW and Australian Federal Police. In China, we two Australians only had the support of Australian friends way, way back in Australia. Chinese Police were not there to protect us but to gaol us. Law Courts were not there to uphold the Law but to continue to break it and attempt to murder my wife. The Chinese Government wanted nothing to do with us or take ownership of their Courts' illegal actions. Our symbolic pouring of "crap" onto the Sydney Consulate, while insulting, is nothing compared to China's treatment of ourselves.
I have said, several times, that it is not my intention to waste time and effort demonstrating outside the Chinese Sydney Consulate. So few Westerners travel Dunblane Street and, for that matter, so few Chinese visit the Consulate that never opens on time. But opportunities must be given, as we did in China, for officials to talk to us if they want. Those opportunities are dwindling very fast. I expect they will do what they do best, ignore Australian Petitioners in Australia just as we were ignored in China. They continue to deny an Australian their Legal Rights.

The threatened rain held off. Only a light sprinkle while we set up the banner at the bus stop. The weather improved dramatically on the walk to the Consulate and everything bade well for our Pee Bucket Day. Passing traffic slowed to read the banner and to wonder at the head gear I was wearing. I am happy in the knowledge that no matter how stupid I look, China is made to look ten times more stupid.

I re-enact the pee bucket salute I gave Beijing Letters
and Visits Office in September 2010. The symbolic
return of China's crap is made on Australian soil.
Chinese Courts and Government now respected exactly
as they respect my wife. What do the Chinese Officials
think? Is my face the face of a man who cares?
We walked from our bus stop up Missendon Road and into the top end entrance to Dunblane Street, nearest the RPA Hospital. The IPONU Pee Bucket and banner caused amusement to one woman who scuttled off into a building with a huge smile on her face. Perhaps a fat man with a pee bucket on his head is something out of the ordinary and amusing.
We set the banner up using a light pole as a support at one end and our shopping bag at the other. When that was done we captured the Pee Bucket photographs for the Blog and for the benefit of early arriving Consulate staff. Consistent with their normal practice the Consulate opened ten to fifteen minutes late.
Walking up Dunblane Street away from the Consulate
Sydney-siders ask about our banner and Pee Bucket

NTDTV interview my wife
The banner is panned...
My wife and NTD TV crew

The man across the road watches.. everything

Mr. Zhang confronts the crowd about Human Rights

This man in the checked shirt is not happy
A small white van drove past and a man and woman travelling inside waved at us. We waved back thinking they were giving moral support to our protest. In fact they were the New Tang Dynasty Television (NTDTV) News Crew who had come to interview us, Mr. Zhang, Human Rights Activists, and Mr. Tang a fellow Petitioner who arrived shortly after and was protesting his loss of property, business and income.
Mr. Zhang speaks to the crowd. The man watches.
At last, I get to speak on camera.
The whole segment was limited to two minutes so there was no time to give a history of my wife's illegal civil court case etc. We said what we thought was most important and left our banner to fill some gaps.The crowd outside the Chinese Consulate turned away from Mr. Zhang when he approached them and tried to take no interest in the scene around them. One man, wearing a checked shirt, stood out from the rest of the crowd. He had his arms folded across his chest and seemed to be glaring at us and Mr. Zhang from behind his sunglasses. His body language was unusual.
Falun Gong supporter distributes her leaflets.
The man focuses his attention on Mr. Zhang
Dedicated to Chinese Court Officials
Demonstration 30.12.2011. Opposite crime scene
Friday 30.12.2011

Armed hold up at Alfred Hotel, cnr Dunblane Street and Missendon Road, Camperdown.

Unable to demonstrate outside Sydney Chinese Consulate, 39 Dunblane Street. 
Demonstrated on Missendon Road opposite Dunblane Street.

Demonstration.. on the move
SYDNEY CHINESE CONSULATE SECURITY BREACHED. HOTEL ROBBER SCALED WALL OF THE CONSULATE AND ENTERED CHINA (What an idiot!). CHINESE CONSULATE ASSIST POLICE (Allow access to their CCTV footage?). First reports suggested the Consulate had been attacked. Why would anybody want to do that to the Chinese Consulate? Over 1.3 billion thoughts on that, worldwide.

Happy demonstrators react to onlookers
It would be helpful if Chinese Consulate staff posted a sign on their door advising why they do not answer telephone calls. A peeved Chinese citizen advised us at the scene that they never answer the telephone. My advice to Consulate Staff is given to help Chinese Officials improve their poor service to the Chinese People. (They will not take the advice, of course, If they did they would be admitting that they do not answer telephone calls. It is something they do but no-one should know about.)

How happy we are to have Television and several thousand curious onlookers seeing our demonstration against the Chinese Government and lack of Legal and Human Rights in China.

We decided that our 30.12.2011 campaign would be more direct. Targeting issues, not just affecting my wife's illegal civil court case, but other issues that spin off from it.

Mr. Tang protests his loss of Business property
"Chinese Law Keepers are Law Breakers"- the facts speak for themselves. An illegal 1998 court case created by an illegal and corrupt Court STILL UNRESOLVED in 2011. Police break Laws. Courts break Laws.

"Law is only for the Rich and Powerful"- Laws are broken at very high levels. "Quanxi"  rules with high levels of corruption. Law can be bought or Sold, if you have money. If you have money you also have Rights. Money buys you Rights. Ordinary Chinese are generally poor. They have no Laws to protect them and no Rights. The cases of my wife, Mr. Tang and Ms. He support my argument (along with several million in China).

My wife demonstrates before a "captive"audience
"Murdering Petitioners is Cheaper than paying them"-  A Chinese Court Official attempted to murder my wife inside a court precinct by running her over with a car. The car, a black AUDI,  had no number plates or markings. Another woman with bruises to her legs told us of her recent incident when she was actually hit by a similar car but had managed to move just far enough away to avoid more serious injury. She was not asked for the information, she volunteered the information while showing petitioners her bruises. We happened to be there when she discussed it. Petitioners, dissidents and activists are sometimes sent to Mental Asylums and injected with mind destroying drugs, beaten and abused. They can be incarcerated in Black Gaols (unofficial gaols) at the whim of Police. In the event of motor vehicle accidents, drivers have been known to repeatedly run over the victim until they are dead. A settlement for a death is cheaper than paying ongoing medical costs. The rich have cars, rights and the Law. The Chinese Government is considering legalising Black Gaols and the detention of citizens in them. Numbers of individuals detained in Black Gaols is not available. Any Government numbers given should be considered untrue.
Petitioners demonstrate freely in Australia unlike in China

Stamp out Law Keepers who are Law Breakers.
Stamp Out Rights held only by the Rich and Powerful.
Stamp out Murderers of Petitioners
Crossing the street grabs the attention of people and traffic

Whiteboard Message displayed 30.12.2011