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On 1st August 2011 the Sydney Chinese Consul General accepted my letter. Time passes, without response from China. A clear message to All of the Chinese lack of concern for an (ANY) Australian's Legal Rights. Consequently my campaign has escalated..
My other letter to Chinese Ambassador Canberra 13.9.2011 remains unanswered. Typical response.

Shenhe District Peoples Court Shenyang City - Law breaker 沈河区法院

Shenyang City Shenhe District People's Court...the Law breaker.
Now the focus of International attention.
#7, Chengde Road, Shenhe District, Shenyang City
This is the Civil Court that created the illegal Court case in 1998.

An official allowed this person, Ms Xu Qing, to hear this case in 1998. Other more Senior Officials are implicated through that decision and what followed. She was not a qualified judge and was only, in my terminology, the equal of a senior Law Clerk. She wrote her notes of the Hearing naming other Officials as if they were present with her. By Law they should have been present but, in fact, they were absent. Alone as she was and as unqualified as she was the case should not have been Heard. Xu Qing's decision benefited Mr. Cui Fayang 崔发扬 (the Defendant). I cannot say why Mr. Cui Fayang was favoured but I can say he was and is a very wealthy man enriched by her decision. I cannot say why he continued to be favoured as attempts to resolve the case continued. There was, though, an undeniable and deliberate intention, even before the Case was "Heard", to favour him. There is an all pervading smell of corruption
around this Case and the Shenyang Courts

Mr.Cui Fayang.
The Defendant in the Illegal
Civil CourtCase
Mr. Cui’s family is known to conduct an illegal money lending business. A Court official purchased an office block a mere three
years after promotion to top position. Where did money come from?

My wife's Life Loss Claim commenced to accumulate, with the loss of her property, the moment Ms Xu Qing gave her decision in favour of Mr. Cui Fayang. Her loss estimated in 2016 is several million higher than the amount
discussed with Mr Wang, of the corrupt court, in 2010.

The case has been examined by Legal Advisers and the case identified as a clear-cut illegal Court Case. It is a matter of record that Xu Qing did not become qualified for some time after the Hearing and failed a qualification test in 2001. Xu Qing and the officials above her are still working within the Court system. Officers of the Law who broke the Law are still working (as of September 2010) in the Courts. During an early visit to Shenhe District People's Court junior clerks walked the corridors, while we were being ushered into a room, saying the Case was "too hot" and "the Boss would lose his job". There are sufficient motives for the Courts and other offices to bury this case. Xi Jinping, who became President in 2013, has made no moves against his corrupt friends in Liaoning Province. His anti-corruption drive is nothing more than a sham and he supports the corrupt Court System.

Statement document Page 1-
Statement document - Page 2
Illustrations Pages 1 & 2 are a statement from a Lawyer
a) Confirming that the Court Official was illegal.
b) Illegal Court Official fabricated document to show absent officials as present

Note: Permission was not obtained from the person who gave this statement or the people mentioned in the statement to be identified. Their details are not shown.

Other Lawyers perused Court Case documents and confirmed the illegality of the Court Case.

《律师调查笔录》,证明沈阳市沈河区法院工作人员(不是法官),针对本案弄虚作假:a)  没有公开开庭,自始至终只有一位工作人员;b)  随意编造填写的2位陪审员、1位书记员的名字。

I have no confidence in the Courts. They have done nothing to reverse the travesty of Justice they have either created or abetted. Shenhe District People's Court Policeman sent us to a non-existent building to make criminal Charges we wanted to lay against Xu Qing and others for their illegal activity. Later, we inquired through the Police about making the formal criminal charges but Police declined to assist.  No assistance was provided by the  Supreme People's Procuratorate in Beijing. Jia Yongxiang, a very Senior Court Official, who issued papers on his case, was gaoled for corruption. The conviction was unrelated to this case. While he was found guilty of one incidence of corruption how many case outcomes did he "influence" and escape prosecution? How many other corrupt officials have influenced and are still influencing the progress of this case? There are so many questions and so very few answers. In an honest Court today, an illegal case from yesteryear, would be quickly settled.

If I was given the opportunity and the authority I would like to ask one of the current Court bosses how they accumulated the wealth they have and in such a short time. How they come to own such a large office building, with so many tenants. I did not take a photograph of the building to avoid compromising the safety of the informant. The Beijing Government, through Mr. He Guoqiang (Department,Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China) might ask the Court boss, what I am unable to ask.  I have set him a challenge (below) and I doubt that he would conduct any inquiry or accept the challenge.In 2016 the challenge has not
been taken up. No surprise.

Because of the real risk of arrest, beatings and worse, it is very difficult for petitioners to succeed in resolving their illegal court cases. My heart goes out to the great numbers of them. We were severely hampered in our efforts while in China. Often I had to remind officials that my wife was an Australian and I demanded respect be shown her. The China Communist Party has not shown her respect and that is
the cause for the additional page created in 2016 in this blog - Disrespectful Campaign.

My wife attacking one of the monumental lions.
Mr. Yu Miao,the immediate superior to Mr. Wang Junjian who was delegated to deal with us, offered the insulting amount of 100,000 rmb to settle the case. Soon after, my wife left the building and proceeded to vent her anger against the building and drew a crowd on the street outside. She attacked one of the monumental lions with two empty plastic drink bottles screaming in anger at such a poor offer. Eventually one of the Court Policemen was sent to film her performance. Fortunately, by then, she had moved from striking the lion to hitting a wooden chair beside it and narrowly avoided trouble for attacking the building. My photographs of the Court Policeman videoing my wife were deleted from our camera, as agreed with Mr Wang, but the Court video was not deleted contrary to Mr. Wang Junjian's promise. "You are too honest." Mr. Wang Junjian said to the Court Policeman who wanted to delete the video recording. Yet another example of lies made by Court Officials. The corruptibility of Court Officials is also a matter of public record and has been described by one ex-Court Official we spoke to as "so Black (dark and deep down) the corrupt Officials do not see the light." Even within Court circles corruption of Court Officials is well known. Corrupt Xi Jinping's investigation into corruption has not failed in Shenyang. It never commenced and little has been done to remove corrupt officials in Liaoning Province..

As her husband I was permitted to go with my wife to buildings out of bounds to Tourists and Journalists and had these unique experiences. I was not welcome there, though. Because the Courts etc pushed us to pursue every avenue to resolve this case they actually put me, a foreigner, in a box seat to see very unpleasant experiences suffered by Petitioners nearly every day. 
Court Officials from Shenyang City Shenhe District People's Court
traveled to Beijing on 31st March 2010 to meet with "The Webmaster".
Officials car and Liaoning Province escort vehicle in the alley near his

Court Officials (including Yue Mingwei and Li Yajun) traveled from Shenyang to Beijing (each way,about 800 kilometres or 497 miles) and had a meeting with us in the office of "The Webmaster". This man had an authorised website and Petitioners paid him to show their cases on-line in an effort to have them resolved. The relationship between "The Webmaster", the Courts and officials was questionable with reliable sources advising us that he took money from officials to remove cases from his website. Nice money.. playing both sides of the fence. Removal also meant that the Beijing Government was officially kept unaware of the extent of the problems in Liaoning Province. We spent more time than I wanted, or needed, with "The Webmaster".
Mr. Gao refused to write his name beside
the telephone number he had written.
He wanted no written connection between himself,
this Case and us
Just 1/2 hour before our plane departed from Guangzhou airport Mr. Gao rang to say he had good news. First, we had to provide a notarised copy of my wife's Australian Passport to prove that she was a foreigner. Secondly, they could then "re-open" the case. That the Courts already held a copy of the Passport and had sighted the original document was not sufficient to prove my wife was ä foreigner"? Surely a joke. He invited my wife to return to China with the document. The invitation has not been accepted in the interest of her personal safety.

On our return to Australia all communication ceased. Mr. Gao's telephone was now unanswered. We had already been told that they would not communicate by email nor would they telephone us in Australia, though we offered to pay the cost. The then Head of the Shenhe District People's Court, Mr. Yue Mingwei, could we were told, communicate by email. He chose not to. All our mail to the Courts from inside and outside of China was unanswered and either ignored or undelivered. Mail be it either ordinary mail, registered mail or courier mail was proven not to be a reliable means of communication. Depending on the delivery address it would be re-directed to another place to be opened, read and discarded. Even mail we sent, in Australia, to the Chinese Ambassador in Canberra in 2010, with the request that it be directed to authorities in China, received no response. So many holes all over the place for letters to disappear in, it seems.

In May 2008 we needed to get a letter to "The Boss" of the Shenyang City Court on the first floor. My wife was still a Chinese national at that time and the guard, in the ground floor foyer, refused to take the envelope and deliver it one floor above, unless I (a foreigner) wrote that I had a personal letter inside and wrote my name, Australian address and mobile phone number on the envelope. I did and we left the envelope with him but doubt it was delivered. If it was delivered it was ignored. My wife was assaulted, a day or two earlier, by guards when we attempted to access the Court precinct during lunch time. In 2010 I found no measurable improvement other than as an Australian citizen she was protected from summary arrest or detention by Police. Her Australian citizenship did not protect her from an attempt made on her life by a court official who must have thought she was Chinese wearing an Australian flag motif shirt and attempted to run her down using a car with no number plates. 

The bus arrives to take Letters and Visits staff for their 2 hour lunch
break at Shenyang City Court cafeteria.

If the Courts "re-open" the case I am certain it would only be to give legitimacy to finding of  the illegal court case. They would hope, thereby, to dismiss the illegal Court Case and the Claim made for Life Loss. There is no other logical reason.  Perhaps I am being overly cynical. Since they refuse to communicate I have no idea what they intend. But in 2016 I can say they intend to do nothing.

I do not care about their analysis of the illegal case decision or any attempt to make things legal, retrospectively. There is no escape for them from a decision that was made, illegally in 1998 and caused the Life Loss Claim. For that they will always be responsible.

In my opinion the Courts will continue to do what they have always done with this case. And that is Nothing. I believe much of their time has been in obstructing the travel of the case and putting a "Protective Wall" around it for their protection.  It is just too hot for them to handle and they are expert of keeping a lid on it. They must bring the case to the attention of the Beijing Government to settle this case because their purse is too little to pay the then 24,000 rmb (2010) in one amount (now revised upward in 2016 due to the Courts further long delay). Liaoning Province Legal Officers sit it on their hands, do nothing and consider the matter "swept under the carpet".

My wife has made a comment on Boxun.com: http://www.boxun.com/news/gb/yuanqing/2011/07/201107271209.shtml. She attacks the Chinese Courts.

As part of my public campaign against the Chinese Courts it was hoped that this letter below would be handed Chinese Consular Staff on 1st August 2011 during the course of our street demonstration opposite the building. A copy was also mailed, days before, however, was proved not to be necessary. Please read below.


1st August 2011
Consul General Duan Jielong                                                    
Chinese Consulate Sydney,
39 Dunblane Street

Dear Consul General,

Re: Protest regarding Denial of Legal Rights of an Australian- 13 year old Chinese Illegal Civil Court Case
I returned to Australia from mainland China in September 2010 after spending six months there in an attempt to resolve a 13 year old and clear-cut illegal Civil Court case. Through the Case, my wife suffered a property loss.
During that time in 2010, my wife and I lived and travelled with Petitioners. I saw sights and had many experiences my fellow Australians and foreigners would find distressing and disturbing. I had no time for the usual tourist activities. Over 300 Australians monitored our progress while we were in China. They continue to do so but the audience has swelled and is now more International.
Just 30 minutes before we last left China Mr. Gao, Shenyang City Middle People’s Court, telephoned to advise that they needed a notarised copy of my wife’s Australian passport to prove that she was a foreigner. This same passport used for our travel to and from China and had been perused by Mr. Gao at our first meeting. Copies of the Passport were subsequently included in Court documents. I consider the requirement to provide a notarised copy of an accepted, official document to be of a frivolous and vexatious nature. To have an Australian Passport my wife must be an Australian. If she is an Australian, she is not a Chinese citizen, under Chinese Law. My Case rests, proven that she is a qualified, undoubted foreigner.
This is a minor Case. My wife made a Life Loss Claim, brought due to an illegal civil court case, of only 24,000,000 rmb. Her full claim, calculated at around 80,000,000, was minimised in the hope of quickly resolving this case. The ongoing delay has caused an increase in the Life Loss.
The Courts are as they were then, unhelpful and deliberately obstructive. Senior Court Officials declined to speak with us and our contact was restricted to junior court officials who had no authority to make any decision regarding this case. The Courts do not answer or make telephone calls. They refuse to communicate by email and do not respond to any other mail. In China, they were reluctant to have any face-to-face discussion with us and often broke appointments. A Court official , driving a black AUDI with no number plates, attempted to run my wife down, inside Shenyang City Middle People’s Court and only failed because she managed to get out of the way just in time. How can I describe the Court System we were attempting to deal with? Is this level of Law foreigners can expect?
I consider the Courts’ inaction to be a patently transparent strategy to deny my wife, an Australian, her Legal Rights. The Courts do not want this case brought to the attention of the Beijing Government. Some Court Officials could expect to be penalised for their actions in this case. They dare not make a submission to the Beijing Government for funds to settle this case and bring with it the unwanted attention of the Government. In their interest, the best action is to take no action.
It is clear to everyone (including Legal advisers) that as long as the Courts maintain their control over this case there can be no resolution of this illegal Court Case.
I have been very patient during this whole process, particularly since September 2010 considering the persistent lack of communication by the Courts. It is a situation I now find intolerable. I have no patience with the small number of petty Court officials who have no understanding of how their action, to deny my wife her Legal rights, reflects on China’s reputation. The attempt to run her over with a car was a criminal act with the intention of either killing her or severely injuring her. They run from one illegal act to committing another and yet another? When do they stop?
Before we left China, I discussed my intention, to air my anger and frustration with the Courts, using the Internet. Court Officials advised me that they did not care what I might say over the Internet because they would not see it. All our attempts to elevate this Case beyond their control had failed. It was clear to us, well before we left China, the Courts intended to wait for our inevitable return to Australia.
At last, the Courts have now brought the Case to the crossroads. Here the Case reaches settlement, with the help of the Chinese Government, or not. My action is to take every action to give my wife her Life Balance. I am now asking the Chinese Government to bring force to bear on the Courts to have this insignificant Illegal Civil Law Case settled. I am hopeful that they will help and that my wife will get some communication to that effect in the very near future.
While my wife objects to my action taken regarding her Court Case I maintain that the responsibility for what I do and what results from it rests squarely with the Chinese Courts as it always has done. Still, she argues against me.
This letter is included in my Blog as part of my continuing public campaign against the Chinese Civil Courts.  I look forward to resolution of this Case when I can be silent and enjoy normal, everyday Life and put these experiences behind us.
Details of the illegal Civil Court Case are:
Withheld from Blog
My wife’s Australian contact details are in the Court documents.

The link to my Blog - Chinese Legal Rights is http://chineselegalrights.blogspot.com/
You are a representative of the Chinese Government in Australia and I am asking you to forward this letter to appropriate Beijing authorities for their response.
Yours Sincerely,
Chris Jones.
Consul General Duan Jielong accepted the above letter, through the Consulate Security and with the direct assistance of NSW Police, during the course of our peaceful demonstration (outside the Consulate) on 1st August 2011. This response by the Consul General gives hope that the Chinese Government in Beijing will be sent our letter for consideration. It has been a 13 year journey to have this claim raised above the mire of the Courts and into the sunshine. Now the wait to see if the Chinese Government will bring its power to bear on the Courts. We are hopeful of a response by the first of September. There is still a way to travel and the outcome we are seeking is not assured.
As at 30th January 2016 there has been no response from China authorities.

HIGHLY PLACED OFFICIALS - at least one pictured should quickly make friends with Mr. He. Only that I have no documented proof or the Power to get it stops me from naming this corrupt, wealthy official. The job is made easy for Mr. He with so few to examine.

How many times did he offend?
What influence did he have on other Court Officials?

 This Court Boss,  
贾永祥 Jia Yongxiang, who made a decision in my wife's case, went to gaol for corruption. 
Corruption unrelated to her case.


Tian Fengqi- "Rascal" - more should join him... soon.
Tian Fengqi, former president of Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court: life in prison
http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/en/doc/2003-12/30/content_294409.htm - article 30.12.2003

 Excerpt from the China Daily article:
Tian Fengqi graduated from Beijing in the late 1960s, Political Science (China University of Political Science's predecessor), has served as director of the Office of Liaoning Province Jianchang County, Chaoyang District, Deputy Secretary of Justice, Bureau of party secretary, deputy director of Department of Justice, Provincial Politics and Law Committee Secretary-General, Provincial Leading Group Office of Political Science and Law (department level), Shenyang Municipal Committee and other duties. In 1999, Tian Fengqi promoted to president of the Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court (sub-provincial level).

Criminal Officials
Photos unavailable.
Represented by
this bullet case.

Liu Ketian, former vice-governor of Liaoning Province: sentence pending; - article 30.12.2003

Shen He District, Shenyang City People's Court president Yue Mingwei party secretary
Not interested in settling the Case

This man supported the illegal Civil Court Case by denying my wife's
Legal Rights.He is the man who traveled to Beijing to discuss Cases
with "The Webmaster".

12.10.2010 - This item was posted to the Court poor website.

Foxlingo Translation - of the Chinese Text below

Autumn is cool, fruit fragrance. On the occasion of the good harvest season, Shen He District, Shenyang City People's Court Internet site launched!
Over the years, Shen He District Court of the party leadership, supervision of the NPC, government support and under the guidance of a higher court, the Constitution and the law faithfully fulfill the sacred duty, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, uphold the fine tradition, persist in reform and innovation, as one for the overall service , portrait of people's justice. Face a substantial increase in the various cases, relying on the credibility of the Legislative Yuan, science and technology Institute, prospering hospital, cultural strategy to build homes, clear functions, improve the system, strict reward and punishment, the initial establishment of a quality evaluation of the trial as the main content management system to excel as the main objective of the team management mechanism, efforts to provide people with quality and convenient services, litigation, trial and trial quality, improved efficiencies, the work has made gratifying achievements.
Imperial foot, clear all rhyme, heritage history, heritage, leading the era of civilization, deep plowing, Shen He inspired the concept of the Court of unity and hard work of all police officers, full speed, in the service economy, there are new explorations in new measures to protect the people's livelihood, maintaining stability on the new.
Website of the court and the people the convenience of communication channels and a broad platform. Opening of the site running, speed up the process of modernization of hospital office to promote the benefit the public, the pace of information sharing. Sincerely welcome all friends visit, patronize our website and continue to understand, monitor and support the work of the Court, together with our growth and progress, work together to create a better future!
Shen He District, Shenyang City People's Court president Yue Mingwei party secretary

Li Yajun has now replaced him. She was also one of the officials we had discussion with in Beijing at the "Webmaster's" office, An email sent to the website on 10th January 2012 appears to have been delivered but not acknowledged.

    多 年来,沈河区法院在党委领导、人大监督、政府支持和上级法院指导下,忠实履行宪法和法律赋予的神圣职责,深入贯彻落实科学发展观,秉承优良传统,坚持改革 创新,一心为大局服务,倾情为人民司法。面对大幅度上升的各类案件,依托公信立院、科技强院、人才兴院、文化建院战略,明确职能,完善制度,严格奖惩,初 步建立了以质量考评为主要内容的审判管理体系,以创先争优为主要目标的队伍管理机制,努力为群众提供优质、便捷的诉讼服务,审判质量和审判效率不断提升, 各项工作取得了可喜的成绩。
                                                     沈阳市沈河区人民法院党组书记 院长 岳明伟

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http://syshqfy.chinacourt.org/public/index.php?LocationID=0200000000- Shenhe District People's Court Website.
Lacks much of what it offers (check out the Links). Similar to the Court's activities.

Not much information on this site. One page only with useless links. No contact details.The actual
practice of this Court is not to uphold the Law. Sacred duty - To Protect Corrupt Officials!   Uphold fine
tradition - Of corruption and illegal court hearings!

卞富学  Bian Fuxue
This man, is Boss of the Shenyang City Intermediate Court. Mr. Gao works for him.
He ignored us many, many times while we demonstrated outside his Court with our umbrellas.

丁仁恕  Ding Yinsu 
This man sat opposite my wife while he was  the Boss of Shenyang City Intermediate Court. He listened to her complaint and.... did nothing.

Since 2008 he was promoted and is now Liaoning Provincial Higher People's Court vice president, deputy party secretary of the Judicial Committee.辽宁省高级人民法院副院长、党组副书记、审判委员会委员
IS THERE A GOOD REASON WHY NOT? (In 2010 came into wealth)

Wang Zhenhua-
He could not see us though thousands could when we demonstrated outside his court with our umbrellas.

Liaoning Province
Governor Chen Zhenggao

 From China Vitae:
Chen Zhenggao - He is Governor of Liaoning Province. In 2011, he became Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party China Liaoning Provincial Committee.

Mr. Chen did not reply to our letter to him of  14th June 2010. An official who denies legal rights of an Australian.


Secretary CCP Liaoning
Provincial Committee Wang Min
From China Vitae:
Wang Min - In 2010 he became Chairman of the Standing Committee of Liaoning Provincial People's Congress. In October 2011, he is Secretary of Communist Party China Liaoning Provincial Committee again.

Mr. Wang did not reply to our letter to him of 10th June 2010. An official who denies legal rights of an Australian.


He Guoqiang- His role is to
stamp out corruption
Mr. He Guoqiang, 賀國強
Head of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China- 中国共产党中央纪律检查委员会
His Department is responsible for stamping out corruption and malfeasance (wrong doing) by or within Communist Party Groups.

If Mr. He could examine the Court Officials of Shenhe District People's Court and of the other Liaoning Province Courts
what treasure trove of corrupt officials would he find?
If it were me I would start at the Senior level, Mr. He, and work down to the Junior Officials. Do not forget past senior Court Officials.  
To be an official you must be a Communist Party Member.

Where there is a Will there is a Way, Mr. He.


My wife has made a comment: http://www.boxun.com/news/gb/intl/2011/08/201108030724.shtml on Boxun.com.

Our banner is on the right of the photo. We attached photographs of some items of interest already shown
in this Blog.

 I have asked for a response from the Chinese Government by 1st September 2011. I consider that one month is  sufficient time for the Government to acknowledge the letter and advise what action they are taking. The Australian Government can respond to correspondence sooner than that. If my wife does not get a response I will have to consider other action I can take to give my wife her Life Balance. It has been thirteen years and the Courts have exhausted my patience. It takes just one small, sharp noise to start an unstoppable avalanche.
Some may consider it strange that no Australian contact details were shown in our letter to Consul General Duan Jielong.  There are several reasons. One, the Consul General does not have the authority to give the response required. Two, the Court papers will either need to be read to find my wife's Australian contact details or the Court contacted to find the details. The Courts will be thereby be alerted that there is some interest in this Case. We know how communication  between my wife and China can only be made and a record of that contact will be taken. The other reasons are not for disclosure here.

I lived with Chinese Petitioners, I ate drank, traveled and even bathed with them. I learned very much from them. This is my Western way to get a very clear picture of of the reaction from the Chinese Government to my letter. Time is ticking away per the Timer below.

Meanwhile I will continue my efforts to anger, embarrass, humiliate, provoke the Chinese Courts and Chinese Government into making a response.

No response is considered to be an agreement and acknowledgment that the opinions I have expressed in this Blog are a true and accurate account of my experiences in China, the maintenance of corruption within the Court System and denial of my wife's legal rights, and that I am completely justified in warning every one outside China not to got to China or have any dealings with China. Regardless of my wife's strong arguments against me to keep this Blog I am compelled to also protect the interests and welfare of Australians who may consider visiting China.